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One of the most important factors on move day is how well prepared and packed you are. There are three options we offer to help get this done:- 



We will supply you with various sized boxes, wrapping paper and tape to fully pack all of your items. Boxes are delivered on exchange of contracts and confirmation of the removal dateOnce you have unpacked all the boxes let us know and we will look to collect the boxes as soon as we can.


We will give you a quote for fully packing all of your belongings prior to your moving date.  This price would include an experienced packing crew and all the materials they will need to complete the job.  (The most stress free option.)


This option is a little bit of both of the options above.  We will supply you with boxes, paper and tape to do the non-fragile side of the packing eg books, clothing, bedding etc.  We will then send a packing crew in to finish off the packing, usually the harder to pack, fragile or bulkier items, using their experience to make sure all your belongings make the move safely.

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